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by tdoafs

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released May 6, 2011



all rights reserved


tdoafs Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: pluto
Did you ever stop and think that everything is made from cells. The sidewalk you’re walking on.. Maybe it’s not broken because the temperature going up and down. Maybe the cement has cancer. The universe you’re living in. Planets are cells. Pluto is now a disease. Maybe we are the earth’s cancer. Maybe Pluto is someone else's cancer. My cancer is a fucking satellite. Damn, it sucks!
Track Name: zombie, zombies
I am a zombie killer.Zombies are brain eaters.Why are they not coming after me?With rotten flesh and bleeding eyes.They’re walking toward the dark light.George has taught me to shoot the head.I don’t want them to take my brain.Why am I walking with them?My hands start to shakeI think I got bitten.I’m becoming one of them.I am the living dead.
Track Name: ghost town
The faces are empty. The bodies are weak. There’s nothing to do. The city is dead. The streets are lonely.Dead birds. Black trees.Dirty kids. We’re all alone in the ghost town.
Track Name: i'm here
I’m here. Waiting for something to happen.And the night is getting colder. The dogs are barking louder. The wind is stronger. My park is moving. But I’m still there. Observing, smelling and feeling. The ground is shaking under my feet. Earthquake! Earthquake!But I’m still here
Track Name: hall of famers
There were those bands
Those friends
The ones we used to call family
Most of them disappeared
Their achievement will remain
Everybody’s working hard
Walking through storms
They don’t need a thousand points to be in our Hall Of Fame.
Track Name: a punk band
A punk band
Since we were kids
We have grown up
Had kids, bought houses
A punk band
... is growing up
‘Till there are no more guitar strings
‘Till there are no more trees to make drumsticks
With arthritis, new riffs will appear
A punk band
Since we were kids
‘Till we die
A punk band
Track Name: tdoafs
We were in the 401
(We were almost done)
And then in the 402
Now we’re home
From parent's to children's homes
10 years
And 10 more
We love music
‘Till we rock in peace
We love you
Thank you
Okay bye.